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Our Sustainability Committment

Sustainability Practices
The key pillars of sustainability in tourism are economic, environmental and socio-cultural

What is Sustainability:

Sustainable tourism are tourism related activities that have low impacts on the environment and local culture, while helping to generate employment for the host local residents. Its development must ensure positive experience for the local people, visitors, and travel companies.

The key pillars of sustainable tourism are economic, environmental and socio-cultural. This means sustainability must be met in all these areas for tourism to be considered sustainable. As sustainability in tourism was being propagated through its principles it influenced the emergence of many types of tourism like – ecotourism, nature tourism, responsible tourism, green tourism, agritourism, rural tourism among others.


Our Mission

Our mission is to promote tours that impact positively on the environment and the communities within the natural resources being explored.

Our Vision

Our vision is driven by balancing the three sustainability principles of planet, people and profit through encouraging strict regulations ensuring that our driver guides do not drive off the main paths in the parks and we have also deliberately been supporting charity organizations that focus on poverty alleviation, supporting orphaned children and assisting HIV victims.


By embarking on an adventure with us, you play an important part in supporting the less privileged persons within our immediate surroundings and because of the measures we have in place, you are assured that you have chosen a company that promotes greater consciousness of sustainable tourism.


Our Sustainability Policy

We aim to follow, implement and promote good sustainability practices to maximize positive impacts and minimize negative impacts on tourism of our operations and to influence our clients and partners to do the same.

Our sustainability policy is divided into 10 themes. Each theme consists of a set of principles and practical actions accordingly.

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