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+254 716 167 627 travel@chiralafrique.com

Corporate Social Responsibility


Chiral Afrique Travel is passionate about making a difference in Kenya and Africa as a whole. Currently we work closely with a NON- Governmental organization based in Nairobi – Kenya; The CCP – Chosen Children of Promise.

As the name suggests, this organization focuses on children and the key is to empower them so that they can meet their basic needs and also spread the word of God to ensure the children live a quality way of life that demonstrates biblical truth and glorifies God.

It is worth to note that though Kenya’s Capital – Nairobi is a big city with many sky scrapers but this is just a façade of wealth and power.  The reality is that Kenya is a country plagued with many problems including high unemployment, HIV/AIDS, poverty,   and a faith that lacks depth in Christ.

The population is approximately 40 million, of which over fifty percent live in extreme poverty.  Over 1 million people in Nairobi live in slums.  Most people living in these slums make less than one dollar a day, yet the cost of living in the country is much higher.  For most of the people in Nairobi it is a daily struggle just to have food and shelter.  As the population continues to increase the possibilities of job opportunities continues to decrease.  More than fifty two per cent of new job seekers fail to find employment.

Kenya’s population growth continually exceeds the rate of economic growth, resulting in large budget deficits and high unemployment.  As a result of the poverty, Nairobi’s high crime levels are spreading and banditry is also on a rise throughout the country. Insecurity and uncertainty are left as a result of this crisis.

Another problem facing Kenya is the quick spreading of HIV/AIDS. Kenya is one of the nine countries in Africa hardest hit by the AIDS epidemic.  It is estimated that 7% of Kenyan adults are infected with HIV/AIDS (over 3 million).  The death rate due to HIV/AIDS is unsettling.

The poverty level and the spread of HIV/AIDS in Kenya are the primary causes for the country’s high number of children living on the streets.  It was estimated by the Daily Nation, that in the year 2001 there were approximately 88,000 abandoned or orphaned street children in Nairobi alone.  These children fight daily just to survive. The children spend their days begging for money and eating food wherever it’s available—usually garbage.  Often they begin sniffing glue to take away hunger pangs and to escape the humiliation of asking for food or money.  “Six out of every ten boys living on the streets have health problems associated with taking drugs”, stated the Undugu Society of Kenya, in 1993.

Chosen Children of Promise (CCP) in Nairobi, Kenya is working to reduce the effects of the above mentioned problems especially on innocent children.

The Common objectives shared with CCP- Kenya and why we support their course are:-

  1. To make sure that the children (and their guardians) reach their full potential through the financial support of sponsorship program.
  2. To ensure that the children (and their guardians) come to know God.
  3. To see to it that the children (and their guardian’s) talents and gifts are developed.
  4. The children’s (and their guardians’) health is improved.
  5. The child is empowered to become a responsibly legally registered citizen by obtaining all the required recognized documents that allow them to act as a legal citizen of the country upon leaving the program at form 4 or age 18.

Chiral Afrique Tours and Travel makes donations to this organization from time to time to ensure we further the good course.

To be a part of the program, please contact us through telephone on +254716167627 or email at travel@chiralafrique.com  and someone from CCP – Chosen Children of Promise will write back to you and explain the program in detail including how to sponsor a child or make a donation to an ongoing project.

Feel free to visit – the Chosen Children of Promise website – http://www.ccpkenya.org/ for more insight on their activities.