Our Company Response to Covid-19

Dear Friends of – Chiral Afrique Tours & Travel

With the re-opening of flights and permission to travel out of Nairobi to other countries, we continue to remind you of the measures we have in place as below: –

Air travel

For all existing bookings, please note that airlines are making a lot of changes and impromptu decisions necessitated by the spread of the virus and government restrictions across the globe. This impacts on you and us directly.

The airline might send in updates directly to you as regards your booking which they may not have shared with us. We urge that you kindly inform us about that so that we are aware and can act appropriately to safeguard your booking and also offer you the best of advice.   Where we have important communication from the airlines, we will always share that with you so that if the announcement affects you then you can act promptly.

Cancellations; Airlines are offering free change and are flexible on their cancellation terms but there are specific routes, dates of ticket purchase and other details which must be looked in to. It might not be obvious that your booking can be changed free and we have to work with the airlines and come back to you to offer specific conditions as regards your booking.

However if you are a frequent traveler, we urge you to not cancel your ticket completely and apply for a re-fund but you can consider cancelling and keeping the ticket open for future use so that you don’t loose monies while allowing you to see how the virus is progressing. This means that if the situation becomes worse and you can’t travel completely then you can proceed to cancel the ticket completely for refund.

New-bookings; For new bookings we will issue tickets that are flexible and allow for changes. Even though more restrictive bookings are sometimes cheaper, we urge you to consider flex bookings as you might be sure of travel but the forces of government restrictions might force you to change your plans.

For any international travel, please ensure you are at the airport at least – 3 hours before departure because of the increased screening at check-in. For domestic travel, we advise that you arrive at least one and half hours before departure.


Driver and passenger’s safety; In order to protect the drivers and ensure safety of our passengers, we will take few measures;

Our cars will be sprayed with – surgical spirit on seats, dashboard, steering wheel and other possible contact areas before a ride and after the ride to sanitize the cars.

All passengers will use sanitizer when boarding the vehicles to avoid spread by contact.

The driver will have gloves to protect himself.

Where we have one or two passengers, we urge the passengers to consider seating at the back seats and only seat at the front seat close to the driver when there are 3 or more passengers.

Transport bookings need to be made at least one day before so that we can plan on the ride as well as safety measures.

Tours / Safaris

We are glad to let you know that some of the hotels in your favorite destinations within Kenya have opened their doors and are ready to welcome you back. We have been keen to know their health and safety measures and we can confirm that our chosen hotel partners are fully compliant with the health and safety guidelines.


We are liaising with suppliers and at the moment they have relaxed their cancellation policies – somewhat although again the advice is to avoid completely cancelling the booking but postponing your travel while monitoring if the situation will improve over the next few months.


We are in close communication with our chosen hotel chains and we are confident of the measures they have in place to help protect the guests and their local staff.


We are still operating short trips and day tours within the country and where you may have placed your booking and need to make an abrupt cancellation, we will try as much as possible to make a substantial refund on the trip though we have to liaise with hotels and other service providers to achieve that.



Following the governments directive that businesses should allow employees work from home, part of our staff are already operating remotely from home and we have only skeleton staff at our offices to assist with day to day operations.


All staff at the premises have access to sanitizers and are encouraged to use these from time to time. Their work stations are sanitized every morning with – surgical spirit sprays having 70% alcohol content sufficient to kill germs on the surfaces.


All staff reporting to the office are picked from home and dropped back in the evening therefore use of public transport is banned for the few staff reporting to the office.


We have an afterhours number manned by our staff to assist our air-travel clients who might have urgent changes, please use – +254716167627 after hours until 12-midnight for urgent requests and changes to your bookings.


We encourage all our clients to consider minimal contact when transacting and therefore try as much as possible to use;

Mobile money

Swift / EFT payments to our accounts

Please reduce use of cheques or cash which will force our staff to meet you for collection.

Invoices and receipts for payments will be drawn and scanned and sent to you online via e-mail.

Payments to suppliers will be done via – EFT/ SWIFT or via mobile money transfer for small bills.

We appreciate your continued support; It means the world to us.

We continue to be guided by updates from the Kenya Government and from the WHO – (World Health Organization). We will share further updates on new measures we will take depending with updates we keep receiving.

The health, safety and well being of our guests, teams and supply partners remains our highest priority.